Panel-Type STATCOM

Modular and Flexible System Design Concept


FlexVAr® is based on Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) technology with advanced digital control system and user-friendly HMI. Modularity is the unique feature of MMC and it uses modular H-bridge (HB) basic units with IGBT modules. Due to modular and flexible design concept, the size and output voltage of STATCOM can easily be adjusted to the customer’s needs by arranging the number of HBs in series for each phase/arm.

  • Reactive Power Compensation
  • Load Balancing
  • Voltage Unbalance Compensation
  • Voltage Regulation
  • Flicker Mitigation
  • Harmonic Filtering

  • Utilities
  • Arc Furnaces
  • Wind & Solar Power Plant
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Mining/Welding/Rolling Mills

Medium Voltage (MV) Grid Connection of STATCOM

Medium Voltage (MV) Grid Connection of STATCOM

Main Features
  • Panel Arrangement/Small Footprint
  • Direct Connection up to 12 kV
  • Modular and Flexible Design
  • All-in-One Solution
  • Air-Force or Water Cooling
  • Delta or Star Configurations
  • Low Output Harmonics
  • Auto-Reclose Function
  • Remote Monitoring and Control
  • E-House Option
  • Very Fast Response (<1 cycle)

Technical Specifications
  Rated Voltage   Direct Connection: 0.4kV-12kV
  Transformer Connection: 15kV-36kV
  Frequency   50Hz/60Hz
  Rated Power   0.5MVAr-10MVAr
  Converter Technology   MMC // Delta or WYE Connection with HV IGBTs
  Control Modes   Reactive Power Compensation
  Load Balancing
  Voltage Regulation
  Voltage Unbalance
  Flicker Mitigation
  Selective Harmonic Elimination
  Response Time   < 20ms
  Control System   DSP/FPGA based digital system for control & protection
  PLC for auxiliary controls
  HMI for system settings and monitoring
  Auto-reclosing function
  Remote monitoring and control option
  Cooling Type   Air-Forced (AF)
  Water-Cooling (WF)
  Current and Voltage Harmonics   Comply with IEEE 519-2014
  Environmental Conditions
        Operating Temperature
        Relative Humidity
        Altitude (max)

  0⁰C to 40⁰C
  < 95%
  < 1000m

  Cabinet (Panels)
        Protection Degree
        Cable Inlet/Outlet

  IP 21


Response Time of Panel-Type STATCOM

Response Time of Panel-Type STATCOM (20ms/Div)