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Braking chopper is used for limiting the DC link voltage of a frequency converter based motor drive. When an induction motor slows down, it acts as a generator and feeds energy back into the converter, and hence the dc link. The braking chopper transmits this braking energy of the drive to a resistor, to be dissipated as heat.

Typical applications of braking choppers are motor drives with high inertia loads such as trains, cranes, centrifuges, elevators, conveyors, large fans, etc.



  • Suitable for all brands of 3Φ motor drives
  • Panel wall-mounted
  • Easy installation
  • Simple wiring
  • Simple operation
  • Maintenance free
  • High reliability
  • Smart digital control
  • Self and Remote RESET functions
  • Over-voltage protection (OV)
  • Over-temperature protection (OT)
  • Short-circuit protection (SC)
  • Resistor thermal protection (RT)
  • Led display for status and faults:
  • “RUN”, “OV”, “OT”, “SC”, “RT”



      Technical Specifications
      Input Voltage 650 VDC *
      Suitable Drive Voltage 400 VAC
      Suitable Drive Power 2.2 - 100 kW
      Rated Continuous Current 40A
      Rated Pulsed Current (ED=10 %) 200 A
      Rated Continuous Power 26 kW
      Rated Pulsed Power (ED=10 %) 130 kW
      Minimum resistance value 3.1 Ohm
      Ambient Conditions -10 to 40⁰C *, max 1000m * altitude
      Storage Temperature

      -25 to 70⁰C

      Dimensions (WxHxD) 209,1mm x 293.4mm x 146,9mm
      Weight 4 kg
      Protection Degree IP 20, EN 60529
      Parallel Operation Up to 7 modules, approximately 1000kW peak braking power


       * Input voltage can be between 200-900VDC.

       ** For higher values, please consult us.