Reduced Voltage Motor Starting Panels by Auto-Transformers

Reduced Voltage Motor Starting Panels(RVMS) are designed to be used in the startup of squirrel cage induction and synchronous motors.

An RVMS Panel reduces the torque by temporarily reducing voltage and/or current input. Voltage applied to the motor during start up is reduced, resulting in lower starting currents from the connected grid.

One way to limit the motor starting current is by placing an auto-transformer in series with the motor during startup. The transformer action reduces the voltage applied to the motor terminals, causing a decrease in current at startup.They are designed as per the standard voltage taps of 50%, 65% and 80%.



Technical Specifications
Autotransformer types Dry type cast resin
Type of construction Metal enclosed or metal clad
Rated voltage Up to 15kV
Rated Current Up to 1600A*
Ambient Temperature -30°C to 55°C
Control Digital controller based on motor current

Motor protection relay

Surge arrester for autotransformer

* Consult factory for higher values.