Hilkar was founded in 1985 to manufacture high-quality products for the energy market and power quality industry. Our catalog includes products such as: power resistors; reactors and testing systems; special transformers and motor control systems. We offer a high level of customisation on diverse products and one of the most complete testing centres in the industry. This ensures a high level of quality on custom equipment at economical prices.

Hilkar is a privately owned corporation with proven experience in developing, testing and delivering cutting-edge products that are relevant to their customer’s needs. By employing a diverse and highly trained team of engineers and technical experts, Hilkar draws from this collective manufacturing experience and maintains the highest level of production quality and standards.

One of the key advantages of working with Hilkar comes from our ability to design and manufacture highly customised products based on the customer’s specific needs. Our testing facility and fast turn-around-times also guarantee that products will function as requested from the first day of delivery and without lengthy wait times.

In addition, Hilkar also has extensive experience in sales and customer service, ensuring that all products include qualified and reliable customer support.

Today, Hilkar maintains its commitment to serving their customers in Turkey and abroad and remaining one of the leading providers of high-quality products world-wide.


Hilkar is a worldwide exporter.