Motor Termination Units

Since the rise time of IGBTs are in the range of a few tens of nanoseconds (between 50ns-200ns), even short cables between PWM motor drives and motors can cause voltage doubling at the motor terminals, due to Travelling Wave Phenomenon as in transmission lines.

If necessary precautions are not sufficiently taken, the insulation of motor windings are prone to failure due to high voltage spikes. RC Type Output Filter Modules reduce these high voltage spikes and protect motors by connecting to stator terminals.



Technical Specifications
HMT480 HMT600 HMT690
Module voltage 340-480 500-600 690
Module Power (W) 600 600 600
Motor Power *(kW) 0.3-630 0.3-630 0.3-630
PWM Frequency (kHz) 2-8 2-8 2-5
Cable Length (m) 500 400 200
Enclosure Type IP 20 IP 20 IP 20
* For small motors, the driver rated power should be higher than motor power at least by module power.