Engineering Services

Hilkar Electric is a highly specialized company that designs, manufactures and implements many electromechanical products like shunt and series reactors, neutral grounding resistors, special transformers, etc. and high-tech systems including Static VAr Compensation, STATCOM, harmonic filtering and custom design solutions. It also provides the best quality engineering services for different needs of industry and utility. Within this scope; comprehensive measurements, calculations, analysis, technical reports, system modelling and the optimum solutions are served to the clients. These crucial engineering services are offered by our professionals having great experience on both theoretical aspects and practical implementations.


Power System Studies

By modelling of the power system under consideration, we carry out very detailed steady-state and transient simulations by appropriate software and deliver technical reports identifying the main problems, their root causes and possible effects. Some studies are as follows:

  • Short Circuit Studies for Loads and Generators
  • Voltage Fluctuations, Unbalance and Flicker
  • Reactive Power and Harmonics Flows
  • Large Motor Startings/Transformer Inrush
  • Load/Generator Switchings and TRV studies
  • RC Snubber Design




Power Quality (PQ) Surveys

We take PQ measurements by using high speed and accurate power quality analyzers according to international standards like IEEE 519-2014. We analyze and give technical reports on the followings:

  • Current and Voltage Waveforms
  • Current/Voltage Harmonics, TDD/THD values
  • Active, Reactive and Apparent Powers
  • Power Factor
  • Voltage sag/swell, Flicker, Transients


Modelling and Solution Offer for PQ Problems

According to PQ data and single line diagram (SLD), we model the system in detail to offer the optimum solution complying with the nature of the load or grid. The provided solutions are as follows:

  • Fixed tuned/detuned harmonic filters
  • Mechanically switched capacitor banks
  • Mechanically switched shunt reactors
  • Static VAR Compensators (SVC)
  • Static Synchronous Compensators (STATCOM)
  • Hybrid Solutions (STATCOM+HF)